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Cavalier Daily

As an employee of State News Works, the web development firm related to The State News, I have had the pleasure of working through two very major redesigns for major websites.  My first major project was the Cavalier Daily, the online newspaper for the University of Virginia.

We first took consideration of the site as it was initially. Here you can see that the site was based solely in Web 1.0 standards of link behaviors, 960 grid system, and stuck very closely with a blog look and made little effort to have new content prominent in the site, a large University we set out to create a design that brought The Cavalier Daily roaring into 2012.  We therefore decided on creating a responsive design webpage, one that would resize and work across the multitude of platforms now hooked into the web – from desktops, to tablets of all sizes, down to web browsers on smart phones.

The current Cavalier Daily homepage is leaps and bounds ahead of the old version.  Trading out the gaudy background color and implementing a responsive design using Twitter Bootstrap it was our first successful run at creating a fully responsive news site that contained a great deal of content along with traffic, ads, and multimedia.  Please see the below images and feel free to visit their site to see it live in action.

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