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Security Review

For the past three months I have prepared a security detail for my computer after a terrible run in of a certain Mashable writer I decided that it was time for me to get off of my password butt and stop using the same three different passwords.  After some investigation and asking my father who works for a financial institution how their security works I was put onto PassWord Wallet from Selznick Scientific Software.  A family friend is a developer there and gave me the new beta version which they’ve just pushed live about a month ago.  Let me tell you it is incredible.  I have almost entirely re-encrypted all my passwords across every identity I hold on the internet.  From Soundcloud to my Amazon account (the entry way for many hackers) everything is secure.  The iOS Password Wallet App is also a dream since they auto synch when on my home network and no where else.

Lastly, my personal backing up has come full circle.  After losing my first laptop’s first  hard drive two years ago I had become a digital hoarder.  Songs, music, videos, documents all saved across flash drives and externals.  Now I have fully backed up using the Time Machine function to my portable external hard drive and have everything from about a month ago saved remotely. After reading a former Professor Mike McLeod’s efforts on back up and storage I knew I wasn’t the only one who had entered into security lock down.  I will say it is very comforting to have everything backed up and accessible everywhere, but I’m still not taking this computer out of the case.

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