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Graduation and the Future

Happy Holidays everyone,

Being the day after Christmas it is only appropriate to discuss my personal growth over the past couple of months.  The largest improvement has clearly been my graduation from Michigan State University.  I received my baccalaureate degree in Professional Writing from the College of Arts and Letters and am expecting my fancy diploma in a frame soon. I have numerous people to thank for this; my parents, my friends and girlfriend, my professors in the program specifically Mike McLeod, Bill Hart-Davidson, Liza Potts, Danielle Devoss, Stuart Blythe, and of course Laura Julier, my mentors and fellow poets who’ve helped me through a number of travesties personally and lastly my brother who has always been my friend and supporter.

I will currently be able to continue my work with Michigan Energy Options  moving from my internship work to a full-time position.  I will continue working on the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability and the organization’s entire communications plan and strategy, stepping up my content management skills in Joomla and DotNetNuke along with developing content for each projects’ web sites and a possible redesign of the MEO site.

In the near future I will be opening my own LLC to work on freelance design and communications work.  I plan on offering services for social media and web site re-design first and then delving deeper into content management and development for non-profits in Wayne, Washtenaw, and Oakland counties. I am currently working on the paperwork and naming along with the branding of said company but you can expect development in March along with a launch event and website.

Lastly, I will be taking care of myself.  I have been very good at making work and school my top priorities for the past 10 years of my life.  Since school will no longer be my main time constraint and mental strain I will be able to work towards my goal of running the Detroit Marathon next year and hopefully owning my own car or house in Detroit.  The New Years goals will be posted soon as I work on everything during this short vacation between student and real life, but I am happy to say I have made a great leap in my life and I’m sure that the landing will be safe.

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