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Buddy Wakefield Visits MSU


Buddy Wakefield. A massive persona and two time world individual slam poetry champion. I have been a huge fan since I started writing poetry nearly 7 years ago. The show was held in the Snyder Phillips Hall “LookOut Gallery” which was a new space for me to see a poetry event. The MSU Slam Team performed the opening set and Buddy then went on to riff and share and recite poetry for a solid hour and a half. Able to jump into realistic slam and heartfelt emotions, in his own words, “I’ve never shared this much or talked this much to a crowd.” So I think we did our job as an audience showing him the love he desires. A highly regimented man we weren’t able to take him out to drinks afterwards but I did manage to snag his book “Live for Living” and his newest publication “HenHouse” a magazine built around his new found love for farming and raising chickens. He is currently on Tour and if you have the pleasure of being near a city he will be in soon, please check him out. writing poetry a long time ago (it really has been near 7 years  now, wow).  So this past Friday the fates would have it that my lovely lady and her amazing hard work with Students for the Broad Art Museum (SBAM) and The Residential College of Arts and Letters, and the MSU Slam Team put together the funds and promotions and put on an incredible show, and probably the best poetry event I’ve been to in East Lansing. 

Buddy Wakefield Performs

I was fortunate to be asked by Buddy to MC the show while we were setting up before the show, so that we would have enough energy and love in the room. Now if you’ve never encountered Buddy, his uniqueness its something rare. Jokes laced with seriousness, the ability to make you feel welcome and in awe at the same time, and lastly just an all around goofy fellow. Needless to say we got along well.

The night was amazing and I forget the raw energy that he brings to the stage anytime soon. Here’s one of my favorite, and one of his most famous, poems for you to enjoy.


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