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It’s a little late but here is 4/30. My conference with Mobilize, College to Careers Pathways Detroit 2013, was amazing but took out some serious poetry time. Here’s to catching up on a wonderful Sunday evening. (And very rough pieces to get caught up)



From the middle.

Where the belly touches the hip bone.

Make sounds.

Build new from the squats

Femur bone a perpendicular angle to knee cap

Push to the sky. Inhale.

Now dip.



From the bottom.

Toes planted ankles airborne

Bounce on the balls and breath

Tight from the diaphragm

Raise mass higher and release.

Feel the calf a rubber band




Palms upward towards the sky

Fingers in diamond shaped

Triceps pulsing higher

Push to the needle atop your spine

Careful to lower your wrists.

Weight. Wait.




Shoulder to finger tip an arrow

Parallel to the floor

Hips turned wide

Feet buried into the mat

Reach fingertip to wall

Balance like this

Like the earth needs you to push it down

Keep it spinning


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