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04/30 – One bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

A very rough cut, edits coming shortly but I wanted to get this up.

One bourbon, One scotch, One beer

47% of all drinkers drink in excess more than once a month.

Excess: More than 14 drinks a week, more than 4 in a day.

I’ve done this repeatedly.

Gulleted down a pint of brown liquor

stomach gnashed through the voluntary poison.

Relaxed, put mind to ease.

Social anxiety released, confidence slides into sloppiness.

Night becomes a blur.

Dreams dulled or non-existent

the mind doesn’t want to wander anymore.


Sober nights, lucid dreams.

Control over people and situations.

Aimless mind,

wants old friends and loved ones.

My aunt will be in her favorite pajamas drinking coffee

A hug for Joe on what would have been his birthday night.

Nice but worrisome.

Stressors creep in,

Unsure mind attacks the stressors,

Sweat builds on my forehead

Matting my body to sheets and pillows,

Twisted knot of clear dreams and restless body.

Release with the alarm buzzer.

Mind a dulled mess of emotion, a sober wake up feeling like a hangover.


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