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Dirt Tech Reck

I was very fortunate to meet Wajeed aka Jeedo during the past Record Store Day at Hello Records and meet his amazing assistant Diana. After some introductions we began discussing their web needs. They had a former web developer that had left them in a lurch between fixing things up and building out their online store and I was happy to join the team for some important and urgent projects.

Dirt Tech Reck Logo

DIRT TECH RECK is the record label and store founded by Jeedo that sells his and many other Detroit recording artists music and merchandise. I was initially asked to help the team fix an issue with their back-end server after the SSL Security bug compromised their security. I was able to learn about WooCommerce and fix their issues with handling and server connections so that they were able to keep the online store and lifeblood to the business open. I then assisted with some design requests for the logo and navigation along with drop menu work for the shop when it was back up and running. Lastly I helped them manage some quick fixes with the shopping categories using PHP. I still work on projects as needed with DTR and have happily supported this business by purchasing music and goods, once the online store was all set up of course.

Dirt Tech Reck

Services completed: 

New navigation setup and design

Updated Store settings and categories

Fixed back-end shipping and handling issues


Goals Met: 

Store security issues resolved

New store categories and training for client’s continued management

Continued web support as needed


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