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From August 2013 to November 2015 I was the Web + Digital Media Manager at  the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD). I managed the museum’s social media channels, launched the e-newsletter, handled content development and management for the  website, worked directly with press and media to cover our events, oversaw print and graphic production, orchestrated the annual art auction, facilitated membership drives and events, and generally assisted on anything that might have been needed at the museum on any given day. As a non-profit that worked to bring contemporary art to Detroit it was a sincerely rewarding and educational experience. I was able to propose and launch marketing and communications ideas. I worked on photo and graphic editing. I grew as a communicator and as a marketer and am thankful for the opportunity.


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Through my time as the Web + Digital Media Manager I was able to successfully grow the social and digital footprint for the museum while also unifying the voice and tone across print and digital work. I worked closely with the graphic designer and program directors to create event specific flyers and creative and grew the reach of the museum through digital and social marketing. I also launch measurement metrics reporting and increased our newsletter and social channels throughout my time at the museum. From 2014 to 2015 we saw increased engagement and growth on nearly all of our channels and increased reach across all platforms for the Museum. Please click here for the full year over year analytics report.

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I also launched the e-newsletter campaign in 2013 using previously separated email lists into one, cohesive, Mailchimp system of  supporters, fans, and members. I learned a great deal about open rates, A/B testing, and web graphic design for the web while further developing the MOCAD style guide. We worked on newsletters detailing each exhibitions schedule of events, sharing fundraising efforts, and as needed important news and articles pertaining to the Museum.


One of the most successful campaigns I worked on was fundraising for the building to receive a new mural painted on the Woodward facade. We worked with artist Andrew Kuo and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign. Once we secured funding and began work on the mural I managed PR and communications around the update to the museum and even got a feature in T Magazine.


As a non-profit museum membership and fundraising is vital for the continued work within the Detroit arts community. I worked tirelessly with the team for three very successful Art Auction and Galas which are the single largest  fundraiser for the museum. From managing tickets sales and enewsletters to handling the art auction with our partners at Paddle8, it was one of the largest projects I worked on and one of the most rewarding.


Throughout my time at MOCAD I maintained and updated the website for the museum. I even developed a micro-site for a special exhibition series, DETROIT CITY AFFINITIES. One major caveat was that due to funding and creative resourcing we were using a hard coded website without a content management system. I worked to create a workflow and wrote a number of grant proposals for website development to no avail during my tenure.  Although it was difficult at times, having to backup and understand basic web coding it was a good learning experience and made me truly appreciate previous content management systems I had grown to take for granted.  Thankfully, shortly after I left my position MOCAD was able to secure proper funding and get a professionally developed website.

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