Michael Kulick

Social Marketer, Sports Enthusiast

GTB – Social Publisher

Starting in November 2015 I joined the GTB (formerly Team Detroit) Social Publishing team as the lead for the Ford Trucks account. I work on community management, content curation and development, refining best practices and working alongside our analytics and strategy teams to inform the best possible creative decisions within the social space. We have a very active Facebook page and community of truck fans. As the social lead I’ve worked on numerous projects: the launches of the 2017 Super Duty, the 2017 F-150 Raptor, the 2018 F-150; Commercial Vans and Trucks social campaigns, and ongoing organic social content. Over the past three years I’m very proud of the work and growth I’ve experiences and proud of my ability to work so well simultaneously with the Truck and Social Publishing teams.

Ford F-150 Raptor

I also work to aid moments with the Ford PR team, assisting on major reveals and announcements in the social space. Most recently I helped lead the team for the North American International Auto Show 2018 where we revealed the new 2019 Ford Ranger. I built out the creative video and copy for the posts as well as worked with the Mustang and Ford publishers to announce additional news.

See below for additional write-ups on specific projects I’ve worked on at GTB.

2017 Super Duty 

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