Michael Kulick

Social Marketer, Sports Enthusiast

Campbell Ewald / Team Ignite

I worked at Campbell Ewald from April – August of 2018 under the Team Ignite IPG banner on the Harley-Davidson account. Although my tenure was short lived due to agency resturcturing within the IPG family and the Harley-Davidson work – we did create a good deal of high quality content and including model year promotional materials and custom content series. One project in particular that made me proud was our hand drawn animation celebrating Harley-Davidson’s 115th anniversary, check it out.

Harley-Davidson 115 Years Video 

Additionally we were tasked with generating awareness around the shopping program known as “Freedom Promise” and created animated “How-To” videos explaining the process of buying a bike and being able to trade it in within the calendar year for another, new bike. A pretty impressive offer for new shopper that we then promoted to new motorcycle buyers and competitive shoppers with a fair amount of success.

Freedom Promise Video

Both of these projects were executed on tight budgets and even tighter deadlines but I’m proud of how it all came together and showcased our team’s collective creativity and resourcefulness for our client.

Overall, it was an honor to work on such a historic brand.

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