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Michael Kulick – Social Marketer, Sports Enthusiast

Michael Kulick

Social Marketer, Sports Enthusiast


I am a social media marketer with a passion for writing and design. Over the past ten years I’ve worked to become a well rounded communicator with proficiency in social media marketing, email and digital marketing, along with excellent client and team management. As an avid cultural consumer, writer, reader, sports fan, and Detroit supporter I started my career doing communications in the non-profit sector. Along with freelance web development, communications consulting, and digital work I transitioned my career to the advertising world in 2015 and have further developed my understanding of marketing, community management, agency and client relations and how to grow professionally and personally.

I am passionate about Detroit sports, specifically Detroit City Football Club, the Tigers, Wings, Lions, and Pistons.

I am also passionate about civil rights and protecting freedom while extending justice to all.