Michael Kulick studied Professional Writing in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University. An avid writer and reader, Michael has worked hard over the past five years to become a proficient writer and communicator. As a young creative writer Michael was a student at Wayne State University. While living in Detroit he became engrossed with the Internet, community based communications, technical writing, and rhetoric. As a Spartan he diligently worked to learn as much as possible about programing, design, user experience, open Internet policies, and initiatives addressing the digital divide.

Now, back in Detroit, Michael works at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) managing communications, press relations, project management, donor and member databasing, and a host of other tasks. The experiences of living, working and communications in Detroit along with the Professional Writing degree make Michael prime for this work being a professional communicator.

The web provides a seemingly never-ending set of new and growing opportunities for communication, organization, and the spread of information. Michael’s understanding of the structures that shape the web, information design, and rhetoric, coupled with his passion for this work, enable him to develop effective and agile strategies for web-based communication.

Michael takes these technical skills and applies them to the way that humans and communities interact. The old adage of ‘make it and they will come’ no longer holds true. User-based experience and community-member based growth are critical to effecting real change, whether that change is the behavior of a user on a web page or a community member feeling empowered through technology.

For more information on Michael’s framework, see the Philosophy page.