GTB – Social Publisher

Starting in November 2015 I joined the GTB (formerly Team Detroit) Social Publishing team as the lead for the Ford Trucks account. I work on community management, content curation and development, refining best practices and working alongside our analytics and strategy teams to inform the best possible creative decisions within the social space. We have a very active Facebook page and community of truck fans. As the social lead I’ve worked on numerous projects: the launches of the 2017 Super Duty, the 2017 F-150 Raptor, the 2018 F-150; Commercial Vans and Trucks social campaigns, and ongoing organic social content. Over the past three years I’m very proud of the work and growth I’ve experiences and proud of my ability to work so well simultaneously with the Truck and Social Publishing teams.

Ford F-150 Raptor

I also work to aid moments with the Ford PR team, assisting on major reveals and announcements in the social space. Most recently I helped lead the team for the North American International Auto Show 2018 where we revealed the new 2019 Ford Ranger. I built out the creative video and copy for the posts as well as worked with the Mustang and Ford publishers to announce additional news.

See below for additional write-ups on specific projects I’ve worked on at GTB.

2017 Super Duty 

2017 Ford Super Duty Launch

As the Social Publisher for Ford Trucks at GTB (formerly Team Detroit) I worked on one of the most important vehicle launches in the Ford portfolio – the 2017 Ford Super Duty. The campaign followed in the footsteps of the 2015 F-150 launch where the world was introduced to high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy, and we were tasked by the client and strategy to show exactly why it was time for Super Duty to do the same.


For the pre-launch campaign I worked closely with the creative and strategic teams to inform best practices for digital video on YouTube and Facebook. Our approach was to take the testing that Ford performs on all it’s trucks and bring real Super Duty customers behind-the-scenes to vet just how much better the new truck would be. I worked with Internet Brands Forum teams to do out reach to forum users as well as our social community on Facebook and Twitter. We released a multi-part video series detailing all of the features of the new Super Duty along with the candid reactions of the customers who were never paid or compensated. Overall we saw a vastly improved awareness and consideration for the truck thanks to our efforts ahead of the launch.


Click to read full case study

For the launch campaign in the fall of 2016, we were able  test with our partners at Facebook and launched a reach and frequency media buy that garnered such success that it was featured as a case study in the automotive vertical. You can read the full write up by clicking the image. In short, we created videos, carousels, canvas units, all based on different users target, interests and at scale. I worked directly with the creative team and wrote copy for the social posts while also continously monitoring conversations in the community through response management. After the 4 month campaign we saw an 18ppt lift in ad recall and a 7ppt lift in favorability, previously unmatched numbers for Ford on launch campaigns.



From August 2013 to November 2015 I was the Web + Digital Media Manager at  the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD). I managed the museum’s social media channels, launched the e-newsletter, handled content development and management for the  website, worked directly with press and media to cover our events, oversaw print and graphic production, orchestrated the annual art auction, facilitated membership drives and events, and generally assisted on anything that might have been needed at the museum on any given day. As a non-profit that worked to bring contemporary art to Detroit it was a sincerely rewarding and educational experience. I was able to propose and launch marketing and communications ideas. I worked on photo and graphic editing. I grew as a communicator and as a marketer and am thankful for the opportunity.


Click for Full Report

Through my time as the Web + Digital Media Manager I was able to successfully grow the social and digital footprint for the museum while also unifying the voice and tone across print and digital work. I worked closely with the graphic designer and program directors to create event specific flyers and creative and grew the reach of the museum through digital and social marketing. I also launch measurement metrics reporting and increased our newsletter and social channels throughout my time at the museum. From 2014 to 2015 we saw increased engagement and growth on nearly all of our channels and increased reach across all platforms for the Museum. Please click here for the full year over year analytics report.

Click for full enewsletter

I also launched the e-newsletter campaign in 2013 using previously separated email lists into one, cohesive, Mailchimp system of  supporters, fans, and members. I learned a great deal about open rates, A/B testing, and web graphic design for the web while further developing the MOCAD style guide. We worked on newsletters detailing each exhibitions schedule of events, sharing fundraising efforts, and as needed important news and articles pertaining to the Museum.


One of the most successful campaigns I worked on was fundraising for the building to receive a new mural painted on the Woodward facade. We worked with artist Andrew Kuo and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign. Once we secured funding and began work on the mural I managed PR and communications around the update to the museum and even got a feature in T Magazine.


As a non-profit museum membership and fundraising is vital for the continued work within the Detroit arts community. I worked tirelessly with the team for three very successful Art Auction and Galas which are the single largest  fundraiser for the museum. From managing tickets sales and enewsletters to handling the art auction with our partners at Paddle8, it was one of the largest projects I worked on and one of the most rewarding.


Throughout my time at MOCAD I maintained and updated the website for the museum. I even developed a micro-site for a special exhibition series, DETROIT CITY AFFINITIES. One major caveat was that due to funding and creative resourcing we were using a hard coded website without a content management system. I worked to create a workflow and wrote a number of grant proposals for website development to no avail during my tenure.  Although it was difficult at times, having to backup and understand basic web coding it was a good learning experience and made me truly appreciate previous content management systems I had grown to take for granted.  Thankfully, shortly after I left my position MOCAD was able to secure proper funding and get a professionally developed website.

Detroit Connections Map

As part of my hunt for a job in Detroit I worked with my class on nonprofits at Michigan State University to create a map of Detroit connections I had and ones I wanted to make. Through personal connections, emails, social media, and introductions with my professors I was able to meet or interview 10 different individuals involved in different avenues of Detroit communications. I interviewed Richard Feldman with the Boggs Center and Adriel Thornton with Allied Media Projects during the 2012 Detroit Design Festival. I interviewed via email Joel Heeres, Deborah Schumack, and Catherine Jun. I personally knew Issac Miller, Sam Molnar, Ben Alfaro, and Carlos Garcia from previous work and friendships. I was introduced to Joshua Breitbart through my interview with Adriel Thornton and was able to speak with him while he worked in Washington D.C. on behalf of digital initiatives here in Detroit.


Detroit Thought Leader Map

Each interview and meeting created a new branch on my connection tree in the city. I knew I had leads with many different organizations but it took an assignment for me to design the map. Each placement is intentional as are the color ways. For example Carlos Garcia is a secondary connection I was able to make, reaching out to my former friend, who at the time was living Downtown.

I was able to use my newly developed skills in Photoshop and Illustrator to create this map based off of an old transit map. This project wonderfully put together my interests in music, nonprofits, Detroit, communications, and design.



Top 5 Albums of 2014

Here are my personal top 5 full album projects from 2014. Sure there was plenty more and few honorable mentions are at the bottom but for one reason or another these albums from start to finish stood above the rest for me. There are a few albums I still want to check out but here goes my list of the top 5 for 2014.

(These 5 are in no particular hierarchical order)

Sia – 1000 Forms of Fear

Sia_-_1000_Forms_of_Fear_(Official_Album_Cover)Sia came out from behind the writing desk for Rihanna, David Guetta, Christina Aguilera and more  with this triumphant album in July. Sia’s first studio album in four years showcased her ability to sing over high production songs that she’s done for so many hits while also experimenting freely. She also prefers to perform without facing the audience letting her pint-sized dance phenom Maddie take center stage. In a world with millions of social media followers and instantaneous access to celebrities I appreciate Sia’s ability to stay true to herself and music while creating huge hits and this album.

Hit Song: Chandelier also one of the best videos of the year.
Hidden Gem: Straight for the Knife


Black Milk – If There’s a Hell Below

iftheresahellbeloBlack is consistently putting out amazing projects that pushes his musicality every album from Tronic to Album of the Year to last year’s No Poison No Paradise. Each one better than the last, and Tronic will forever be a Detroit classic, period. This is the latest edition Black joins in the revival of Detroit Booty by hip hop heads along with his classic boom bat production. His raps have grown immeasurably as well where you can hear the interplay between the beat production and his writing where he’s able to hold his own against a slew of ‘underground’ heavy hitters: Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, and an Underground King Bun-B. Black’s work ethic is on fine display in this album, can’t wait for the tour and the next album.

Hit Song: Gold Piece ft. Bun-B
Hidden Gem: Detroit’s New Dance Song
Side note: Black also dropped Glitches in the Break this year, which is an amazing album too, just not in my top 5.



BreakfastCanWaitPrince also dropped two albums this year and I also like the 3RDEYEGIRL album but this one here, I will dance to these songs for years. Prince does what he does best, fusion of funk, hip hop, love songs, with an overreaching storyline of future life. He even poked fun at himself using the Prince character from the famous Chapelle show skits for the cover art of for the single, “Breakfast Can Wait.” Oh and it’s Prince’s 33rd studio album, who does that? Prince does.

Hit Song: Breakfast Can Wait


D’Angelo and The Vanguard – Black Messiah

dangelo-black-messiahAlmost 12 years after his last studio album Black Messiah was released surprisingly quickly this year making it the late entry into the 2014 class, but possibly one of the best. Musicality at it’s finest D’Angelo’s interplay with his voice to The Vanguard’s instrumentation/production is something the world didn’t even realize it was missing until you heard this album. It is easily a Grammy album of the year contender.

Hit Song: Sugah Daddy
Hidden Gem: The Door, but you could really pick any song


The Black Opera – The Great Year

The-Great-Year TBO as a group has been tackling political hip hop for the better part of the past 5 years. I’ve been able to see this group transform from when they first formed to most recently touring with Jaded Incorporated. Consisting of a number of members TBO’s core members remained anonymous for their first two albums. It didn’t take long though for folks to realize who was behind this force articulating difficult concepts over production from the likes of 14KT, Waajeed, Astronote, and more. They bring political and societal critiques to the forefront of their message and it’s something sorely missing these days from the popular music scene. *Full disclosure I consider a number of the members of TBO friends but they are also my favorite MCs so deal.

Hit Song: Beginning of the End ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow
Hidden Gem: Talking Revolution/Up and Up


Honorable Mentions:
The following albums were incredible but didn’t crack my top 5 for one reason or another but will also be albums I can rock with for years to come. Again in no particular order.
Flying Lotus – You’re Dead
Jaded Incorporated – The Big Knock
Dej Loaf – Sell Sole
ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron
Big K.R.I.T. – Cadillactica
*Late entry* J. Cole – 2014 Forest Hills Drive

Dirt Tech Reck

Dirt Tech Reck Logo

I was very fortunate to meet Wajeed aka Jeedo during the past Record Store Day at Hello Records and meet his amazing assistant Diana. After some introductions we began discussing their web needs. They had a former web developer that had left them in a lurch between fixing things up and building out their online store and I was happy to join the team for some important and urgent projects.

Dirt Tech Reck Logo

DIRT TECH RECK is the record label and store founded by Jeedo that sells his and many other Detroit recording artists music and merchandise. I was initially asked to help the team fix an issue with their back-end server after the SSL Security bug compromised their security. I was able to learn about WooCommerce and fix their issues with handling and server connections so that they were able to keep the online store and lifeblood to the business open. I then assisted with some design requests for the logo and navigation along with drop menu work for the shop when it was back up and running. Lastly I helped them manage some quick fixes with the shopping categories using PHP. I still work on projects as needed with DTR and have happily supported this business by purchasing music and goods, once the online store was all set up of course.

Dirt Tech Reck

Services completed: 

New navigation setup and design

Updated Store settings and categories

Fixed back-end shipping and handling issues


Goals Met: 

Store security issues resolved

New store categories and training for client’s continued management

Continued web support as needed


07/30 Sound of the Surf


Sound of the surf


Iron ore freighter

Glides across river glass

Horn echoes.

Tires peeling on Jefferson

Ambulance sirens

Brakes applied to avoid tickets.

Clicks of garage gate opens.

Barbershop catcalls,

Dogs shitting

Curses of owners

Rustle with plastic baggie.

Gate crashes closed with car in lot.

Truck trailer screeches open

Clinks the load of beer

Trailer door slams closed.

Tiny wheels of backpacks click

Clack down the sidewalk

Behind the swish of scrub pant legs

Horn of empty freighter.

06/30 Sonnet Attempt

So I am admittedly very poor with structure poems so I figured why not give the sonnet a try. Here’s a very rough attempt.


Untitled (Spring sonnet)


Sun makes for outward bound days filled with glee

The type where you discover new places.

Finding out what’s possible and might be

Or rediscovering many faces.


The sun shines like a beacon in the sky,

Ready to warm the souls eager to part

Far-too-long hibernation spent inside

Now a mass of people beating with new heart.


Lethargy of winter, a time behind

Energy of spring with new time abound

Worries of work, school, and bills paid no mind

Friendships restarted, conversations found.


Start of spring now everyone walking

Unplugged from phones, laptops, begin talking.