Observations on the One

Way rough draft, and a little late, I promise I wrote this yesterday, just getting around to posting now. Thanks

Observations on the One

Scent is a treasured sense.

Some forget that I treasure it and will abuse it upon entering

Some forget that their backpacks

Laced with the kindess of trees does not in fact mask any scent.

Most remember the unsaid rule

Sit one to a bench

Until its too full.

Then stand.


If you sit in the back long enough you’ll see the differences

Transit center in the shadow of the capitol

Shuffiling people to dialysis appointments at the Hospital.

Students, loud and on their phones

Shuttling to buy three season old clothing at the mall.

Turning back

Families who’ve spent the day

Window shopping and pretzel snacking

Only to shuffle back to the shadow of the few tall buildings

Not really skyscrapers

More like skypatters.

Able to lift a few suited men up high enough to feel superior

Only to know we can see them

Jacket twisted in the wind

That the One creates as it barrels down Michigan Avenue.

MK 04.04.13

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