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Jamfeed Article: Why Black Milk’s Shit Don’t Sound Like Dilla


I’m honored to be writing again and thankful to Jamfeed for posting my piece on Black Milk. If you haven’t you should go get Jamfeed the App to keep up to date with all your favorite artists, festivals, and labels.

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07/30 Sound of the Surf

  Sound of the surf   Iron ore freighter Glides across river glass Horn echoes. Tires peeling on Jefferson Ambulance sirens Brakes applied to avoid tickets. Clicks of garage gate opens. Barbershop catcalls, Dogs shitting Curses of owners Rustle with

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06/30 Sonnet Attempt

So I am admittedly very poor with structure poems so I figured why not give the sonnet a try. Here’s a very rough attempt.   Untitled (Spring sonnet)   Sun makes for outward bound days filled with glee The type

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05/30 Destruction

05/30 Destruction   Shrapnel juts out of bones and plaster haphazard direction. Filling of iron shards Inches from the spinal cord Scrap of exploded kitchen metal. Next door to the alleged training center Home in Miram Shah Pakistan Official count:

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04/30 – One bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

A very rough cut, edits coming shortly but I wanted to get this up. One bourbon, One scotch, One beer 47% of all drinkers drink in excess more than once a month. Excess: More than 14 drinks a week, more

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03/30 Greener Grass

This poem came from a workshop I taught where you take an idiom and try to flip it around, here’s my attempt at that. Greener Grass I remember the wind How it carried the ball Pushed it higher than it

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02/30 Mango

Mango I’ve never cut a raw mango before Never hacked the fruit away from the immense pit. Attempt to peel the green and red skin from the orange pulp. Can count on one hand the number of times I’ve eaten

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01/30 Riders

Spent quite a bit of time on the bus this winter, here’s a quick poem about one day.   Riders  Harsh wind bites at any piece of flesh showing. Scarves wrapped three times round. Windpants, (yeah windpants) pulled up over

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Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability Launch

MMPGS logo

Working for Michigan Energy Options through the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability, a HUD/DOE/EPA federally funded grant, we launched the portal site hosting the information regarding the nine projects in the MMPGS. MEO runs the lead on two projects, one

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Michigan Energy Options Newsletter

MEO Newsletter Preview

During my internship for Michigan Energy Options the communications team was tasked in creating the quarterly newsletter.  The organization had previously sent out one other E-Newsletter and had created an account with MailChimp.  Being unfamiliar with the program I immersed

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