Mike and his son

Michael Kulick has worked as a social media marketer for the past 10 years across a range of businesses and sectors. Agency side he’s worked on Ford Trucks and Harley-Davidson accounts and over on brand side managed Moosejaw Mountaineering social media channels and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD). Having developed big, medium and small social campaigns Mike has seen the benefits and difficulties of social media first hand. He also has helped work on social commerce, digital strategy, event management, customer service, email marketing, and all the in-betweens.

Mike is a new Dad and a semi-avid runner. Mike ran his first marathon in Grand Rapids in 2018 and tries to run at least 1 half marathon a year. He just has to do it with a baby stroller these days. Mike enjoys team sports as a small part owner of Detroit Football City Club and regularly gets outdoors either hiking, snowboarding, or fishing.