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Working as the Social Media Marketing manager in-house at Moosejaw Mountaineering is one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had. We are an all in-house marketing team that is scrappy and fast. We can (and have) come up with an idea on Monday and have it shot and edited and up by end of day Tuesday. As an outdoor retailer we are mainly focused on ecommerce along with our 12 brick and mortar locations around the country. From a Social Media perspective I’ve been tasked with upper funnel awareness campaigns, mid-funnel consideration, and of course lower funnel direct sales. I’ll share more about specific campaigns in additional portfolio posts but a couple of my favorites from this year are below.

The Moosejaw Bed to Bar Onesie WFH Halloween Edition

The Moosejaw Bed to Bar Onesie video was a triumph in so much as I got 3 acting credits and my basement bar was showcased – kidding (kinda). In actuality we were tasked with helping to sell the new color options of the Moosejaw brand adult onesie in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our videographer masked up and we managed to shoot this content very quickly in the safety of my house with some editing and lighting tricks. Inspired by The Shining Jack Nicholson’s character drinking by himself but having a “bartender” we released this video on Halloween week with incredible engagement and fanfare. We eventually even sold out of the onesies all together, which I’ll chalk up to this video and not the fact that everyone is sitting at home in sweats all day long for the past 9 months.

Recreate Responsibly Moosejaw Edition

This year the outdoor industry acted swiftly as more and more people ventured outdoors during the lock downs due to COVID-19. A welcome change for our industry but one that was dangerous for newcomers and unfortunately difficult due to the virus. Thus the Recreate Responsibly coalition was born and provided guidance on how to get outdoors safely. I was able to get Moosejaw to quickly join the coalition and had our graphic designer Adi Juhasz create our Madness versions of the seven principles. We shared across our social media channels and had a printed poster put up in all our shops. At Moosejaw we want the outdoors to be open to everyone so the addition of making an inclusive effort as well as maintaining safe distances, masking up, and keeping it local all hit home in a big way for me personally and professionally. I continue to sit on the national communications group for Recreate Responsibly and we even put out winter guidelines as well to help folks enjoy the winter months safely.

And I’d be a bad social media manager if I didn’t drop some shameless plugs to go follow the Moosejaw Madness at your favorite social channel below:

Additional portfolio pieces will be linked below as well.

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